In an Emergency

Old Mill Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) Information for 2009 – 2010

Old Mill School has developed its own emergency preparedness plan using the model created by the Marin County Red Cross in conjunction with school personnel and our parent community. The committee’s first meeting was held on Monday, September 19th to provide teacher and parent/volunteer emergency training and plan Old Mill’s emergency procedures and provide home emergency preparation information. Thanks to all parents who promptly filled out your child’s emergency cards and put together a comfort bag. Check out our EPC bulletin board for up-coming meetings and preparedness resources. The following are answers to some frequently-asked-questions (FAQ’s) on emergencies:

What if there is an earthquake or a fire and I can’t get through to Old Mill School?

The Mill Valley School District has an out-of-state Emergency Hotline Phone Number at (530) 895-7603 that should be used during an emergency (do not call the school office). It is listed on the wallet cards provided in your first day packets (please fill out and carry with you).

What if my cell phone doesn’t work or the electricity is out?

Since this is likely, you should make sure you have a landline telephone that does not need electricity (one that plugs in with a phone jack only). It is also a good idea to exchange out-of-state contact numbers with the person who might be picking up your kids.

How can parents train for an emergency?

Civilian volunteers are essential during a disaster. We encourage Old Mill parents to receive Community Emergency Response Training, given locally by the Southern Marin Fire Department. For information, check out or call Southern Marin Fire at 381-8182. Please join Old Mill’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, find out what we’ve been doing and help us improve! Contact co-chairs Andrea Concannon or Jennifer Larson regarding current activities and how to volunteer.

What happens to students in an emergency?

Emergency Site Map 

Should there be a major emergency, students will remain under the supervision of school authorities until parents or designated adults can pick them up. To retrieve your child:

  1. Go directly to the gate on Lovell Avenue to enter the school yard and check student(s) out. For the safety of all, please do not enter or exit through any other gate. Students will be with their classes sitting in lines on the lower playground clearly marked by the teacher’s name.
  2. Student Release tables will be set up behind the auditorium, at the bottom of the stairs from the Lovell Avenue gate. After finding your child, you will show your photo ID and sign a Student Release form for each student you are taking. Do not remove your child or any other child from school without signing their emergency release form. This provides us with a record of where each student went in case someone else may arrive later looking for the student.
  3. Unless you are staying to volunteer, please leave as quickly as possible after signing out.
  4. Adult volunteers will be needed to help with first aid, supervising and dismissing students, monitoring traffic, etc. If you are able to volunteer, go directly to the Volunteer coordinator (located near Student Release) and they will give you an assignment. Volunteers should leave children with their classes and not sign student release forms until they are ready to leave.

What if a parent can’t get to school to pickup up their child?

Should a major emergency occur, it is likely that many parents will not be able to reach the school right away. If conditions make it necessary, we will release your child to the adult indicated on your child’s release form. We will keep a written record of the student and the adult to whom the child has been released. If relocation is required, information will be posted at the school.

Where can I find more information about emergency preparedness at Old Mill School?

Check out our EPC bulletin board for up-coming meetings and preparedness resources.